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  1. Only US based commercial accounts will be accepted for collection.

  2. The client represents and warrants that all information forwarded to Transportation Revenue Management, Inc. (“TRM”) and/or its Attorneys is true and accurate, and client authorizes TRM to use it in pursuing collection of debtor’s account.

  3. Client understands that TRM and/or its Attorneys will pursue legal recourse pursuant to the bills of lading and/or shipping documentation. Should client desire TRM not to pursue a particular entity or party, client must advise TRM in writing at the time of account assignment, of the entity or party it does not want pursued.

  4. Client hereby authorizes TRM and/or its Attorneys to endorse for deposit and collection, all remittances received from the debtor or any other third party.

  5. Client acknowledges that TRM does not keep any copies of documentation or correspondence after the file has been closed, and Client agrees TRM can destroy all such documentation and/or correspondence at the time the file is closed. Client understands it should only provide copies of paperwork to TRM. Client agrees to retain the originals or duplicate copies at client’s office.

  6. Client agrees that TRM shall be entitled to its full contingency fees on all payments received by the client directly from the debtor or any third party after the date of referral to this office. Client agrees that upon receipt of such payments, client shall promptly notify TRM by fax with a copy of the check or money order. The fee for this direct payment will be deducted from other remittances owed to client or TRM will send a direct fee bill.

  7. TRM agrees to provide conscientious collection services and at all times will endeavor to achieve solutions which are just and reasonable for client. However, due to the uncertainty of legal proceedings; the changing interpretations of law; and many other factors, TRM and/or its Attorneys do not guarantee results or the final resolution of any case. The client authorizes TRM to decide if and when a certain claim is deemed uncollectible.

  8. Client understands and agrees that it has the right to consult with Counsel of its own choosing with regard to the terms and conditions of this Agreement prior to assigning any case to TRM, and client acknowledges receipt of this Agreement.

  9. Client understands and agrees that TRM in its sole discretion, after exhaustion of collection efforts, may declare that it has performed all reasonable collection services and that the account is uncollectible and the file will be closed as such.

  10. No waiver or failure to exercise any option, right or privilege under the terms of this Agreement on any occasion shall be construed to be a waiver of the same or any other option, right or privilege on any other occasion.

  11. Client has read and agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Client specifically warrants and represents that the individual signing this agreement has full legal authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of the client and to bind the client by his or her signature. The individual signing this Agreement does hereby personally guarantee the payment of collection fees to TRM, and acknowledges that he or she has been provided a copy of this Agreement.

  12. Client agrees that any dispute or legal action with regard to any terms or matters related to this Agreement shall be filed only in Fairfax County, Virginia and client further agrees that the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees in the amount of Thirty-Five Percent.

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