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Thank you for your interest in TRM!

Here you will find a copy of our Collection Agency Agreement as well as an Account Assignment Form. To initiate collection proceedings, these forms must be faxed to 703-573-9786 or mailed as soon as possible to:

Transportation Revenue Management, Inc.
2240 Gallows Road

Vienna, VA 22182

The Collection Agency Agreement should be completed and returned to us for our files. It outlines the Terms and Conditions under which collection matters will be handled. One Account Assignment Form should be completed for each case you send us.

In order to proceed with collection of your account, TRM requires Two (2) copies of the freight invoices and the corresponding bills of lading. In addition, any relevant collection notes will be of great benefit to our collectors and attorneys.

At TRM, we look forward to recovering your receivables.

Contact Douglas Kaiser
Tel: 703-573-9784
Fax: 703-573-9786

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