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Transportation Revenue Management, Inc. (TRM), are specialists in freight charge collection. TRM has offered nationwide debt collection services, bad debt prevention, and credit reference services for over 20 years. TRM manages an average of 500 cases a year for carriers, brokers and freight forwarders. TRM works closely with qualified motor carrier lawyers who have more than 25 years in the industry.

Let us help you collect your money!
TRM utilizes a system of quickly escalating demands, including suit and third party recourse. TRM is successful where others aren't!

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Informative articles on collection issues:
Broker's Duty and Obligation to Pay (June 2001)
Surety Bonds (July 2001)
Shipper's Liability for Freight Charges (Dec. 2001)
Carriers Acting Like Brokers (Jan. 2002)
Broker Liability Issues (Feb. 2003)
Bankruptcy: Carrier's Rights as Creditors and
Preference Exposures
(Oct. 2000)

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